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JDK Professional Services is Your Trusted IT Advisor for Support and Business Telephone Services.

Since JDK Professional Services was founded in 2011, its mission has been: 

“To provide technology management services to small and mid-sized businesses allowing owners the advantages of large corporate IT departments at an affordable price.”


We focus on the technology infrastructure of the business as an advisor to the business to be more than a full-service business IT partner and phone system provider.


Technology is a complex and constantly changing part of the business that can be overwhelming for the owners and managers to navigate on their own. JDK Professional Services adds value to businesses by managing the challenges of changing technology. We provide effective, affordable and simple voice, managed IT, IT hardware, network security, disaster recovery, connectivity solutions and business phone systems that form the essential foundation of any successful business. This allows business owners and managers the ability to focus on what makes them competitive and successful.

Meet Danny Kennedy

Danny has over 25 years of experience in IT management. Danny Kennedy wasn’t always an IT professional. First, he was a paratrooper in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. He was shot in Panama when U.S. Troops had to be sent for Operation Just Cause in 1989. Danny’s experience in the military taught him discipline and the necessity of providing the best service possible to anyone he helped.


It also taught him perspective. “You appreciate everything more,” he said. “You also have more interest in other people and their lives.” “You want to understand what their challenges are and what makes them want to succeed.”


After the military, Danny returned to school, focusing on math, computers and technology. He became a math and science teacher first, earning the title of “Technology Teacher of The Year,” then began working his way up through various technology jobs. When his skill set grew to the point where he could manage major IT systems for corporations, he decided he wanted a new challenge, and he opened his own business.

Why Choose JDK


“We’re the right choice for businesses that want IT done right the first time – no stress, headaches, or hassles.”


“We make IT manageable—and understandable. You have to know what it means to your company before you can use IT to its fullest advantage,” he said.”


“And for most people, that means someone has to work with you, using plain English, so that you see how to apply the amazing technology tools we now have and accelerate your growth.”


“We’re an IT company that bridges the gap between technology and humans,” Danny said. “We take care of the technical issues. But we also take care of our clients by making IT understandable.”


“That’s what sets JDK Professional services apart from other IT providers – An IT Company For The Rest Of Us.”

See what other Metro Atlanta business owners are saying about us…

Amazing IT company. I have used other ones before but I was not informed on what I was paying for. JDK Professional Services gives you a detailed report every month on what they stopped from infecting your computer. As a new doctor’s office in the area being able to keep patient files safe is a top priority. I highly recommend JDK

Dr. A – 100% Chiropractic

It’s a challenge and a risk to change trusted vendors, particularly when they hold the key to your Information Technology. It’s like swapping financial advisors – that sense of professional trust hasn’t yet been built, so the decision to switch feels uncomfortable. Due to growth, we made that decision several years ago. We moved our business from a long-time trusted vendor to JDK Professional Services. Frankly, it took time to develop the faith and confidence in their services that our former IT supplier had provided, but they showed us that they were smart, reliable and – most important – trustworthy. We look back on that decision as a positive step in our continued business health and growth. I highly recommend their services.

Patrick C - Affairs to Remember Caterers, Inc

JDK Professional Services is a company you can rely upon in the IT world. They are efficient, honest, timely, very attentive and hard working. Danny is very passionate about what he does and he always wants his work to be the best. We are pleased with his services and would highly recommend JDK Professional Services to other companies.

Faye L - Lefkoff, Rubin, Gleason, & Russo, P.C.

Certainly, the best customer service available. Most of the time my calls are answered on the first ring. Danny constantly looks for ways to save our company money. Also, it helps to have an It team with a personality. Most others are dry and very unpleasant to have in the office. Not JDK PRO, they are welcome anytime!

Nikolas C – Cole Hair

JDK Pro is very dependable and reliable. For example, on 1/5/18 my computer was having some issues and Danny showed up at my office 10 minutes later and resolved our internal issue. He is also very personable when dealing with new employees at our company. I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.

Kelley - Cole Instruments

Before hiring JDK Professional Services, IT problems were a nightmare for us. We experienced problems with our network and applications going down multiple times throughout the day which caused huge business interruptions, lost revenue and frustration with our staff. We hired JDK Professional Services and they came and quickly addressed the issues and for over 6 years we have not had one business interruption! We now work with the peace of mind and never worry about IT problems. As far as strategic planning, they have become our partner and enabled us to minimize unexpected IT expenses. Having a partner with their vast knowledge is invaluable in this economy. JDK also meets with us periodically and guides us in the right direction for all network, server, and computer needs. The amount of stress that has been lifted from our daily business is unbelievable. JDK allows us to do what we do best. We leave the IT up to them and always know they are handling it for us. We highly recommend JDK Professional Services to anyone who is looking for a first-rate technology partner.

Tracy B - Practice Manager

When I have computer issues and call the service desk, JDK Professional Services answers the phone quickly and resolves the issue in a matter of minutes. I have never worked with a more professional, experienced IT company! JDK Professional Services is the BEST IT Company to work with in my opinion.

Lisa S – Faith and Freedom Coalition

We’ve had the privilege of working with JDK Professional Services for over 6 years. We experienced service and response issues with previous IT Company, JDK Professional Services stepped in and quickly responded to our IT needs and support issues. We’re very happy with the quality of work and service! I can’t think of a better, more customer service-oriented IT Company out there!

Jo Anne R – Century Strategies

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